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Surely I am not the only UU who is a Tim Minchin fan? I know I'm not. I was first introduced to Tim Minchin by members of my church posting "White Wine in the Sun" on our church message board. The more I researched Tim Minchin, the more I fell in love with his songs/ commentary. Not only is he wicked funny, and an amazing musician, he addresses profound issues that we as UUs often ponder. Sometimes his critique of religion is quite scathing, yet at other times he exhibits a sense of compassion I think we could all aspire to.

I started to make a Venn diagram (actually, I spent longer on this than I'd like to admit), but it didn't go well. Aside from my lack of technical knowledge about actually creating a stupid diagram in a format to put on a blog, (grrrr), I realized, even in my sketch of said diagram, that it wasn't really an adequate representation of the similarities and differences between the ideas of Tim Minchin and the ideas of UUism. I don't know Tim Minchin. I'm not a UU scholar. UUs are diverse, and neither Tim's views nor our views are static and unchanging. So don't try to make a Venn diagram.

There is a Page about Tim Minchin, and a Page about Unitarian Universalism. It is my hope that those of us who like to think in depth about both of these topics can use this blog to discuss the ideas produced by the overlap. I hope to post a video or two each week, maybe with some other tidbits of Tim thoughts here and there. I hope several people will join me and discussing them. (I've spoken with the woman who manages Tim's Facebook, MySpace, and Fan Forum. She said Tim does not want new material from the show he is currently touring to be shared on the web, but other than that we can share videos we find.)