Sunday, November 25, 2012

Waiting Patiently, Being told "no", and potential news

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my "Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour" DVD.  It has been released in the UK, but I guess it takes Amazon a little longer to get it delivered here. According to them, it should arrive November 26th.  I am really wanting to relive the experience and have heard the DVD is really good. I also hope to get some clarification about questions I have when I re-watch it. My conversation with Ori aboutracism was a little anti-climactic after we saw the arena version.  Ori did not find it offensive at all (which is great) but apparently because she thought the “priests” were members of the Illumniati. I have heard other people say this too, so I’m not saying she’s crazy or wrong or anything, but that wasn't my perception. I thought the “priests” were bankers.  Anyway, I have questions like this and others and really really want to watch it again.

I’m feeling impatient, which was intensified by the cancellation of the cinema showing here in the US. There were several friends and people from church who had purchased tickets to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" being shown in cinemas here. A few hours before the event, we got news it was cancelled with no explanation as to why. Rumor says “technical difficulties”. (By rumor, I mean a Tweet from Tim Minchin.) It was very frustrating to have such a last minute cancellation and no explanation or word on rescheduling.

Rather than throw a little tantrum or anything, I decided I would just get the DVD and see if I could show it at church.  Being UU, we have a committee for EVERYTHING, so I asked permission from the appropriate committee and was hoping they would just let me show it. But being UU, we also have to be legal and ethical and shit, so I was originally told no by the church because we probably wouldn't be able to obtain the correct permission. Of course I said I would try to obtain the permission. I was told by our intern minister (who was in charge of telling me “no”), “Thanks for your passion and willingness to do some leg-work”, which I found amusing because she doesn't know me or the extent of my passion and willingness to do some legwork. I’m sure she will soon enough.

I emailed Universal UK and asked them. They told me to ask The Really Useful Group. I filled out a contact form on The Really Useful Group website, and someone contacted me saying they needed to ask Universal.  Then they got back to me saying that Universal said “no”, but, “They have confirmed, however, that the cancelled cinema screening is being rescheduled, and a date is likely to be set for Easter time.”

So I’m disappointed to not be able to show the DVD at church. I could show it in my house, but I have a crap TV and a crap house. It’s not even, like “It-isn’t-much-but-it-is-enough-for-me”-tight-and-cozy-and-a-nice-place-for-friends-to-gather-watching-a-show-even-if-we’re-squished-into-a-small-room-we-have-good-wine-and-comfy-chairs kind of crap house. It’s a trust-me,-no-one-would-want-to-come-here-and-watch-a-DVD-no-matter-how-great-it-is kind of crap house. So, I guess we’ll wait, with the rest of America, and see it in the theater around “Easter time”. And don’t forget, you heard it here first. Unless that is wrong, then feel free to forget and sorry to disappoint.
To hold you over, here are some clips from the DVD:

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